Wouter Blokhuis

We just wanted to be able to call out with our business number. Via Calling with MS Teams from MCXess, we can do that, and we have solved hybrid working as a bonus.


Wieke Vrielink

What we also appreciate about MCXess is their innovative nature. The extensive capabilities of the solutions and ongoing development weigh heavily in our decision to work together. This also enables us to develop and offer future prospects. The tools we use now are just the beginning. The more we deepen our business relationship, the more opportuni …


Kees Storm

Rijkswaterstaat is very pleased with the solutions and the implementation process. Currently, they see this new method as a low-threshold method. The principle, during the construction of the Nieuwe Sluis, is that passage of inland vessels is as smooth as possible and waiting times are reduced. The ‘Registration by Phone’ is new for inl …


Darwin Castillo

By using the MCXess Web Portal we have the opportunity to manage our configuration paths, any available IVR (interactive voice response) and also the possibility to localize messages for our customers. Everything real time. …


Andre Fruitman

How perfect would it be if incoming calls could be routed automatically based on the planned roster? We have managed to realise exactly that by adding the services of MCXess to ours! …