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    Pro Call Routing


    Add intelligence to call forwarding with the Pro Call Routing package. Add a menu so you know to whom the call should be forwarded. Manage availability of your agents. Take call handling efficiency to the next level.

    Pro Call Routing

    The Features

    The Pro Call Routing package has all the features that could possibly be wrapped in an easy to use package. To keep the overview, we have divided the features into 4 groups:

    Smart Configuration Form
    Disaster Recovery Plan

    The Telephony Disaster Recovery Package consists of an extensive Disaster Recovery Plan suitable for corporates and multinationals as well as a to-the-point failover cheat sheet for the more practical minded.

    Pro Call Routing Configuration Form 1

    1. Welcome Message

    Play a welcome message to the caller before handling the call. Typically this is used to play “Welcome to..” but can also be used to provide additional information such as a link to your website with FAQ’s or provide information regarding an ongoing incident. This enables you to help the caller even before speaking with an actual person.

    Turn the audio message off or on to your liking. Upload new messages online and real-time. Click here for some tips on how to record a message.

    2. Blacklisting

    Some people make it a hobby to waste your time. With blacklisting these callers are blocked with the press of a button. Next time a call originates from the same number it will be blocked and you can focus on relevant tasks.

    The feature is turned off or on with the flick of the switch. You determine which button places a caller on the blacklist and how long they will remain blocked.

    3. Recording

    To evaluate and improve caller experience or recall details, call recording can be a very valuable tool. Flip the switch and all calls will be recorded and will be available for a minimum period of 3 months. Make sure to notify the involved when recording.

    4. System Messages

    Determine the language of the system messages – such as position in the waiting queue – to English or Dutch.

    5. Caller Number

    Default the number of the caller is shown to the agent. In some cases – for instance when offering a marketing service to independent agents – this might not be desired. Toggle the switch and the call will be forwarded anonymously with compliance to regulations.

    Pro Call Routing Configuration Form 2

    6. Calendar

    Simply mark the days you are closed. Made a mistake? Click again.

    7. National Holidays

    All national holidays will be added instantly by selecting a country.

    8. Office Hours

    Define the weekly office hours in this weekplan. Note: The calendar has precedence over this weekplan.

    Pro Call Routing Configuration Form 3

    9. Main Menu Message

    This is where you can upload the menu instructions. Keep it short and simple.

    10. Menu Options

    Select which options you want available. For every selected option a separate dropdown will appear where the parameters can be configured.

    11. Activate Submenu

    In case a second menu is required, it can be activated here. This can be turned off or on per main menu choice.

    12. Destination Numbers

    This is where you can determine where the calls should be forwarded to.

    • Calls can be forwarded anywhere in the world to another phone number (mobiele or fixed), a SIP address or MS Teams.
    • Calls can be forwarded to multiple destinations. Click ‘Set’ to add a new destination. Click the x to delete.
    • Define per destination what the maximum simultaneous calls may be.
    • Change the sequence in which the destinations should be used with the up and down arrows.

    Per destination, the credentials (Agent Access Code and Agent PIN) will be given to manage the availability of that destination.

    Details on forwarding to a Phone number

    Calls can be forwarded to any fixed or mobile phone number in the world. It does not matter whether that number is on your mobile, the main number of your office or of the (external) call center. It is even possible to forward calls from one country to another. You have the freedom and we have the best pricing.

    What is important is to use this format:
    [country code without 0’s or +][area code][subscriber number]
    Example: 31201234567

    Details on forwarding to a SIP Address

    Calls can be forwarded to any SIP destination via IP. All that is required is a SIP Address from your PBX. Simple and cost effective.

    A SIP Address should be submitted as follows:
    SIP:[phone number to be forwarded and recognised by your PBX]@[IP Address of your PBX]:[Port to be used on your PBX (optional)]
    Example: SIP:31201234567@

    No account details required, however our IP addresses should be whitelisted on your side.

    Details on forwarding to MS Teams

    Calls can be forwarded to Microsoft Teams directly. All that is required is Calling With MS Teams from MCXess. No additional equipment, SBC – on premise or in the cloud – or licenses required. Simply forward to your MS Teams Phone environment.

    A MS Teams destination should be submitted as follows:
    teams:[the phone number you want to forward and is recognised by your Teams environment]
    Example: teams:31201234567

    Details on Destination Memory

    Usually calls are forwarded to a fixed set of rotating destinations. To avoid having to submit previous used destinations over and over again, we store previously used destinations. Start typing and previously used destinations will be selectable.

    If the memory of previously used destinations contains obsolete destinations it can be cleaned via the ‘Manage’ button.

    Details on Agent Availability

    An agent can manage the availability of a destination. The availability status will determine how calls will be routed.

    Default all destinations will have the status Available. So if this feature is not used, all destinations will be used in the call distribution.

    This is where you can find the agent login credentials:

    Agent credentials

    This is where the agent can login to manage the status of their destination:

    Agent login

    And this is how the status can be set:

    Agent status

    13. Distribution

    Distribute the calls the most efficient way for your organisation:

    • Cyclic: The calls will be forwarded to the destinations in the sequence as they are set in the destination form.
    • Longest waiting: The call will be forwarded to the destination that did not have a call for the longest time.
    • Ring all: All destinations will get the call offered. Once the first has answered, the other destinations will stop ringing.

    These distribution mechanisms cover most requirements. Any other distribution mechanism can be created with the Custom Call Routing Package.

    14. Whisper

    If an agent is handling calls from multiple brands or topics, it is good to notify the agent before connecting the caller. This can be done via a ‘Whisper’. This feature whispers an audio message to the agent before connecting the caller.

    15. Queue

    Make sure you do not miss a call simply because you can’t answer at that very moment. The Smart Call Routing Package offers a full call queuing mechanism with:

    • A selection of 25 royalty paid music queue music types.
    • Notify the caller of the position in the queue.
    • Periodically play a custom (commercial) message to the caller.
    • Optionally limit the maximum number of callers waiting.
    Pro Call Routing Configuration Form 4

    16. Voicemail

    Enable your caller to leave a message when you are closed. Play a custom audio message before recording the voicemail. Send the voicemail to one or more email addresses and ensure the follow up.

    In case you do not want voicemail, turn it off and only the audio message will be played before the call will be disconnected.


    Other Call Routing Packages

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      • Call Forwarding
      • To PSTN SIP or MS Teams
      • Call Activity Reporting
      • WhatsApp Enabled
      • Call Recording


        • Basic plus:
        • Welcome Message
        • Office Hours
        • Queue
        • Multiple Destinations
        • Voicemail
        • Blacklisting
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          • Cloud Contact Centre
          • Interactive Voice Response
          • Automatic Call Distribution
          • In- & Outbound Calling
          • Custom Reports
          • Integration Toolkit
          • Unlimited Agents Included
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