Custom Call Routing Package

The Custom Call Routing Package provides you with an engineering tool containing all thinkable call routing features – IVR and ACD. All call flows can be created to support your custom and contact center routing needs. All the features provided in Basic, Smart and Pro are available, as well as many more exclusive features such as the ability to incorporate other systems (such as CRM) into your flow via XML-RPC.

With Custom you will be able to take any of these features and build your unique flow. Simply take the features from the step library and place them in a tree to build your flow. Custom enables you to build as many flows with as many numbers as you like, the monthly fee is all inclusive.

This is an ideal solution for companies in need of highly specialised call flows. These flows can be build by you or you can have our engineers build it for you for an additional fee. With the Custom Package the possibilities are endless.

A Custom Package is not limited in number of phone numbers, flows or agents. Scale up or down as desired within the subscription.

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    Custom and Contact Center routing

    Efficient Call Handling

    Are call not always routed to the correct agent and is information missing to handle the call efficiently?

    That can be solved with the extensive IVR and ACD functionality of Contact Center Routing. All thinkable features are available to gather information regarding the call, the caller and the reason of the call.

    And via the full set of ACD features, the best match with the correct agent can be made, transparent and reliable.

    Custom and Contact Center routing

    Multi Contact Center Distribution

    Is a reliable distribution over multiple contact centers a challenge?

    Take control with Custom. All tools are available to create a reliable rule-based and / or volume-based distribution. Define for instance a percentage-based distribution of 50-35-15% in a couple of clicks with an unprecedented accuracy.

    Distribute seamlessly to multiple types of platforms and destinations thanks to the native hybrid architecture.

    Custom and Contact Center routing

    Self Service

    Do agents spend a lot of time answering the same simple questions?

    Those calls can be easily handled via the self-service capabilities available in the Custom Callrouting package. Exchange information between the caller and your systems (e.g. CRM or ERP) and let the Custom Package handle these calls automatically.

    Does the caller have an additional question? Forward the call to an agent still.

    Custom and Contact Center routing

    Management Features

    • Reporting
      Over 18 predefined reports available covering all relevant types of management information ranging from traffic and queuing reports to agent reports.
    • Custom Reporting
      Custom Reporting
      Define your own specific variables and reports. Tailor the information to your management needs.
    • Report Scheduling
      Report Scheduling
      Automatically send repots to one or more email address periodically. Make sure all information is available for all relevant people.
    • Monitoring
      See what happens at the moment it is happening with monitoring dashboards. Management made easy.
    • Agent Management
      Agent Management
      Define agent profiles with their availability. And organise them in skill groups. Make efficient usage of your workforce.
    • Audio Management
      Audio Management
      Build your own audio library which can be used in any call flow you create.
    • Agent Tool
      Agent Tool
      Agents will be able to manage their availability in the Agent Tool. Calls wil be distributed accordingly.
    • Schedule Management
      Schedule Management
      Build your own library of week plans with office hours and calendars with holidays. Use and re-use those in any of your call flows.
    • Number Management
      Number Management
      All your telephone numbers are available in a library where their parameters can be managed and their connectivity to flows can be managed.
    • List Management
      List Management
      Create your own library of data lists which can be used in any call flow as reference lists in your flows.
    • Account Management
      Account Management
      Manage which users have access to all functionality they require and only the functionality they require.
    • Callflow Templates
      Callflow Templates
      Preconfigured callflows ready to be deployed and customised by you.
    How to Make Your Callers Happy, find your infographic and definitive guide here.
    Free Guide
    How To Make Your Callers Happy

    Having the tools is one thing but knowing what to do with them is another. Read our infographic and definitive guide covering all relevant aspects from choosing the right phone number(s) via contact center routing to agent support.

    Custom and Contact Center routing

    Routing Features

    Building a Call flow for your Contact Center Routing is as easy as playing with lego. Each call routing feature is available in a central building block library and by stacking those building block you create your own Interactieve Voice Response flow. Each feature has a set of parameters and exits, which enables you to create exactly that what you need. Whether that is a stand alone flow or a sub flow which are re-used in multiple cases. It is up to you and the only limitation is our imagination.

    • Audio
      Play an audio message from the audio library and use different exits for when the audio was finished or not.
    • Menu
      Know why a caller is calling. Let the caller choose a language, department or other relevant topic and the call will be routed accordingly. Parameters and exits like retries and no input can be managed specifically.
    • Send Message
      Send an e-mail with definable content such as recorded audio or a variable. Share information straight from a flow.
    • Decision
      Follow a branche to the left or right, based on calendars, date, day of week, list or other variables.
    • Outbound
      Forward the call with an extensive set of parameters such as skill group routing, call recording, queue options and blacklist options.
    • Input
      Record DTMF input. Ask callers to type something and use that in your flow.
    • Set Value
      Manipulate a variable in the call flow. That variable can then be used at a later stage in the flow.
    • Statistic
      Execute an operation based on a variable. Make the right decision based on relevant information.
    • Save Value
      Save a variable for use after the current call, for instance for reporting.
    • HTTP
      Push or get information from external systems such as CRM or ERP. Connect via: - HTTP - XML-RPC - XML-SOAP
    • Record
      Record audio message from the caller to be used later for Voicemail, to document a verbal agreement or any other application.
    • Subscript
      Jump to another flow and back again. Re-use what is already there instead of duplicating.
    • Terminator
      End the call and flow. All good things come to an end.
    Disaster Recovery Plan

    The Telephony Disaster Recovery Package consists of an extensive Disaster Recovery Plan suitable for corporates and multinationals as well as a to-the-point failover cheat sheet for the more practical minded.

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    Custom and Contact Center Routing

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    Alternative Call Routing Solutions

    Contact Center Routing is not for everybody. These standard call routing packages might be a better fit for you.


      • Call Forwarding
      • To PSTN SIP or MS Teams
      • Call Activity Reporting
      • WhatsApp Enabled
      • Call Recording


        • Basic plus:
        • Welcome Message
        • Office Hours
        • Queue
        • Multiple Destinations
        • Voicemail
        • Blacklisting
        €10 | month


          • Smart plus:
          • Whisper
          • Menu(s)
          • Distribution Group
          • Agent Availability
          • Monitoring
          • Ring group / Ring all
          €15.00 | month