Get started with a Premium Rate Number

Generate revenue by setting an appropriate call rate and make sure your service is optimally reachable. With a premium rate number you increase the threshold for less serious callers.

The Benefits of a Premium Rate Number

Professional appeal
Additional revenue
Reachable within the country
Additional cost for the caller

With a Premium Rate Number you decide what the consumer pays and thus what you earn or which costs you compensate.

Determine the rate for a paid number. Bill the rate per call or per minute. Start generating revenue for the services provided via the phone.


Premium Rate Numbers can be activated in quite a few countries. We are constantly adding new places to our already extensive coverage. Have a look in the shop for the latest status.

Phone number type coverage

Add Features to your Premium Rate Number

Any number comes with a Basic call routing feature package. You can forward your calls to any destination in the world. And if you want more: We have easy to use call routing packages for every situation.


    • Call Forwarding
    • To PSTN SIP or MS Teams
    • Call Activity Reporting
    • WhatsApp Enabled
    • Call Recording


      • Basic plus:
      • Welcome Message
      • Office Hours
      • Queue
      • Multiple Destinations
      • Voicemail
      • Blacklisting
      €10 | month


        • Smart plus:
        • Whisper
        • Menu(s)
        • Distribution Group
        • Agent Availability
        • Monitoring
        • Ring group / Ring all
        €15.00 | month


          • Cloud Contact Centre
          • Interactive Voice Response
          • Automatic Call Distribution
          • In- & Outbound Calling
          • Custom Reports
          • Integration Toolkit
          • Unlimited Agents Included
          Fixed price | month
          Ordering a phone number and call routing solutions is easy as 1-2-3. Live in a couple of clicks.
          Microsoft Teams

          Call Out with MS Teams

          Besides being reachable, being able to call out with your business numbers is just as important. We offer the best rates and connect natively to Ms Teams or any other tool you would like to use to call your customers.

          Other phone number types

          In case a premium rate number is not a good match with your goals, here are the alternatives:

          Local Numbers
          From € 3,- |month


          Geographical numbers provide your caller with a comfortable feeling. Your company is nearby and internationally accessible. Easy to switch to any number you want.

          Local appeal
          Prefix for specific area
          Internationally reachable
          Standard cost for the caller

          National Numbers
          From € 2,- |month


          National numbers at local rates provides your company with a corporate image with national recognition. One phone number for multiple locations in a country.

          National appeal
          Prefix for specific country
          Internationally reachable
           Standard cost for the caller

          Freephone Number
          From € 22,50 |month


          No costs for the customer, national coverage, useable from any device and a professional look. Ideal for supporting national campaigns.

          Professional appeal
          Low Threshold
          Reachable within the country
          No cost for the caller

          Premium Rate Number
          From € 22,50 |month

          Premium Rate

          Professional national numbers that allows you to generate revenue for the telephone services provided. Charges can be set per call or minute.

          Professional appeal
          Additional revenue
          Reachable within the country
          Additional cost for the caller

          Mobile Number
          From € 3,- |month


          A virtual mobile number gives the impression of being reachable on the move, everywhere and always. However no SIM is needed and calls can be routed to any destination or destinations.

          On the move appeal
          Prefix for specific country
          Internationally reachable
           Standard cost for the caller

          UIFN Number
          From € 12,- |month

          Int. Freephone

          An International Freephone Number – officially UIFN, Universal International Freephone Number – is free for the caller and can be activated in multiple countries. You’ll be internationally reachable with a single freephone number.

          International appeal
          Same number for all countries
          Internationally reachable
          Free for the caller

          Directory Service Numbers
          From € 22,50 |month

          Directory Service

          Numbers specifically purposed for directory services. These are premium rate numbers meant to help callers find and connect to the desired destination.

          Number Porting


          Number porting is simply taking your existing number from one operator to another. Reap the benefits of one stop shopping, bring all your numbers to us and apply all our features to all your numbers.

          WhatsApp for Business Small
          From € 2,- |month


          All our numbers are prepared to be used as a WhatsApp for Business number. Usually WhatsApp accept Local, Mobile and National Numbers to be used. Unlock the power of Chat on your business phone number.

          * Usage and rules can deviate in some countries.