Knowledge Sharing22/04/20220

Telephony Disaster Recovery

We all know how important being reachable is to your customer experience. And – with the pandemic and recent growth in number of ransomware attacks fresh in our memories – no person will doubt if a disaster can occur. However, a disaster recovery plan is still not available in many organizations. – We want to change that, so here is one!

Consult Flow
Use Case22/01/2022

Consult Call Flow

The Consulting Group template is one of the readily available templates in the Custom Package, this pre-built flow allows for an organization or group of people to provide their services by phone. The consulting features can be provided through any type of phone or number, for example using one of our premium-rate numbers.

Customer Satisfaction Survey
Use Case24/04/2021

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Customer Satisfaction Survey is one of the templates available in Custom. It is a prebuild flow which can be used as a starting point for your own flow or as an example / inspiration for your own creation.