International Reachability

Build a relationship with your customers by getting (virtually) close to them. Connect with your customers around the globe with phone numbers close to your customers and route the calls to your (central) office. MCXess has all types of international phone numbers available in over 150 countries to organise your international reachability. Live in a couple of clicks.

Ordering a phone number and call routing solutions is easy as 1-2-3. Live in a couple of clicks.
Get close to your customers with International Phone Numbers from MCXess
International Reachability

Why is it Important?

Globalisations has set in. The world is getting smaller, borders are disappearing and in many ways we are living in a single virtual space without distances. However, bluntly said: A German is not going to call a French phone number, an American is not going to call an Australian number and vice versa. There are several reasons for this – and they are simple to overcome.

Cut Cost

We have the best rates to support your international phone number plan. Cut your telephony cost and for the caller.

Most callers do not know international calling tariffs by heart which makes them hesitant to call internationally even if the rates are not that bad. And in some cases, calling internationally can still mount up to quite some cost for the caller.

Gain Trust

Will they give the type of support I am used to? Is there a time difference? Can we speak the same language? Is this a normal phone number or am I calling a paid service number without knowing?

These are all questions a non-experienced international caller is struggling with. In many cases you will lose these callers.


Every step a caller needs to take to get in contact can be one to many. And calling internationally can be cumbersome. What is the international calling code to call out of the country I’m in? What is the country code of the number I should be calling?

Any of these questions will lead to lost callers. They found an alternative or lose interest all together.

The solution is simple. Bridge the distance, so your customers do not have to go the distance. Get one or more international phone numbers where your customers are and take away all these thresholds. Improve international customer experience and grow your business.

Organise your international reachability

This is How to Use International Phone Numbers

There are actually diverse ways to utilise international phone numbers and organise your international reachability.

1 Numbers in Multiple Locations

The most effective way to organise your international reachability is to get international phone numbers where your customers are. It gives your customer the confirmation you focus on their area, you know the area of the customer and how to service them. You actually bridge the distance and bring your business to the customer.

Number types suitable to get close to your customer are:

Each of these number types have their respective strength. This guide helps selecting the right one for you. Want to improve your international reachability right away?

2 Global Numbers

In some cases it can be better to chose a global number. For instance a global operating organisation that has already established their reliability. These number types are truly international phone numbers and not related to a country or regulator. For these number, specific ‘country’ prefixes have been reserved. These number types are available:

UIFN is intended as the international alternative for regular in-country freephone numbers. Therefore, the ‘country’ code 800 has been reserved for UIFN (a.k.a. International Freephone) – which resembles the prefix as defined in most countries for freephone: 0800.

And UIPRS is intended as the international alternative for regular in-country premium rate numbers. For this number type, the ITU has assigned the ‘country’ prefix 979. Note: This number type is not regulated and can lead to huge cost for the caller. Therefore MCXess has limited their offer to regular in-country PRS Numbers which is regulated.

3 Global Reachable Numbers

International phone numbers or Global once are the best options to support your international aspirations. If these options are – for whatever reason – not chosen, at least you should make sure to have an internationally reachable phone number. Even if it is only to support your local customer who just happens to be on an international travel.

Infographic - International reachability organised with international phone numbers. Go where your customers are.

Infographic – International reachability organised with international phone numbers. Go where your customers are. Feel free to use this infographic in your own publications provided a link to this article is placed as well.

International Routing

Having the International Phone Numbers available gets you halfway there. Being able to handle international calls correctly brings you all the way.

MCXess offers extensive call routing possibilities. The best call forwarding rates to any mobile or fixed phone number. And has a native hybrid architecture – enabling you to utilise any platform you need. Route to MS Teams, Genesys, Avaya or any other platform you might use – now or in the future.

Note: Usage possibilities can vary per country. Please check the number conditions in the shop when ordering an international number.

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Why MCXess

The advantages of going international with MCXess in an overview:

All types of phone numbers
In over 150 countries
And thousands of cities
One stop shop
Best pricing
Call routing options for all situations
Hybrid international routing
To any fixed or mobile phone number
To MS Teams
Or any other platform

Get close to your customers with International Phone Numbers from MCXess