Disaster Recovery - The Urgency

We all know how important being reachable is to your customer experience. And – with the pandemic and recent growth in number of ransomware attacks fresh in our memories – no person will doubt if a disaster can occur. However, a telephony disaster recovery plan is still not available in many organizations. – We want to change that.

How to Manage Disasters

Online real-time routing adjustments

Switch to a number on your PBX when your contact center application is down. Switch to multiple mobile numbers when your PBX is down. These and more are valid workarounds to manage disasters. Then it all boils down to how fast you are able to react. A re-route is implemented in a couple of clicks in the MCXess management tools.

All you need to prepare is which alternative destinations can be used and assign the responsibility to change the destinations when required.

Telephony Disaster Recovery Package

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The Telephony Disaster Recovery Package consists of an extensive Disaster Recovery Plan suitable for corporates and multinationals as well as a to-the-point failover cheat sheet for the more practical minded.

    Failover and Hybrid Routing

    The flexibility of hybrid telephony from MCXess

    Mitigating a disaster within a couple of clicks is great but having an automated failover available is even better. Customer experience will not be impacted at all. If a destination is not available, calls will simply be routed to the next.

    Thanks to the MCXess native hybrid architecture, all types of destinations (phone numbers, SIP addresses, MS Teams destinations, etc.) can be blended and work as each other’s failover. This way an entire range of disasters can be covered, from contact center platform outages via location issue to phone line or internet connectivity issues. There is always an alternative route available.

    Live in a Couple of Clicks

    An alternative, when facing a disaster, is simply to get new phone numbers and route them to available alternative destinations. This is particularly relevant when mitigating the primary set-up after a disaster proves difficult. We have had organizations who were the victim of ransomware attacks and obviously were not going to be up and running anytime soon, knocking on our door. In these cases, the decision-making process takes longer than activating the numbers and submitting the destinations. The ability to act is critical in a crisis situation and being live in a couple of clicks clearly helps.

    The Importance of Separation of Systems

    The development of contact center tools has gone incredibly fast. There are some very flexible tools with a lot of additional value for your customer experience, workforce efficiency and management support. However, all that additional value comes at a cost. Systems become more complex and prone to issues. Being able to mitigate these issues becomes more important and it will prove to be critical to have your phone numbers and call routing separated from your contact center solution. If the numbers and call routing is part of your contact center solution, and that system is down for whatever reason, so are your numbers and no alternative routing is possible. With your phone numbers separated from your call center solution, there is more possibility to address disasters.

    As a communication specialist we – ViPcom – are very happy with the possibilities offered by MCXess, such as real-time availability of numbers and their call routing packages. Their ‘Live in a Couple of Clicks’ enabled us to get a customer of ours who was a ransomware victim reachable again for callers within an hour.

    Allard van Bachum, Operational Director ViPcom

    ViPcom is the specialist for Contact Center and Unified Communications solutions.

    Free Telephony Disaster Recovery Plan

    Even with the right tools, being prepared is critical. MCXess offers the right tools and with our complementary Telephony Disaster Recovery Plan, you will be prepared. In case of any questions, we are happy to help.

    The Telephony Disaster Recovery Package consists of an extensive Disaster Recovery Plan suitable for corporates and multinationals as well as a to-the-point failover cheat sheet for the more practical minded.

    Get your copy or get started right away.

    Telephony Disaster Recovery Plan

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