Working with MCXess has helped Rabauw Craft Beer work more efficiently and maintain a professional image.

Rik Feijen, Co-Founder

Professionalisation with MCXess

Rabauw Craft Beer and Gij&Ik have been working for years with MCXess, a professional telecommunications company that helps manage telephone services and improve business operations.

“One of the biggest advantages of MCXess is the ability to use phone numbers that are forwarded to our appropriate 06 numbers. This means we have one central phone number that we can use for all our business activities, which creates a professional appearance and helps streamline our communications.

Moreover, requesting a new number from MCXess is quick and easy, which means we can respond quickly to changes in our business needs. The service we have received from MCXess is excellent and we are very satisfied with the way they have helped us manage our telecommunication needs.

Working with MCXess has helped us work more efficiently and maintain a professional image. We can rely on their expertise and know that they can help us with our telecommunication needs at any time.

All in all, we are very satisfied with working with MCXess and recommend their services to other companies looking for reliable and efficient telecommunications services.”

– Rik Feijen

Microsoft Teams

Making calls with your office number is always possible with MCXess. A couple of examples:

  • Calling with MS Teams: One single tool for all communication, both internally and externally. Simple and efficient.
  • Calling with a SIP Trunk: An existing PBX can be connected to our SIP trunk and everybody will continue using their phones as they are used to.
  • Hybrid calling: Sometime a single calling tool just doesn’t suffice. Some people in the office use MS Teams, the internal contact center works with Zendesk and the external contact center works with Genysis. With Hybride calling from MCXess, all can be connected, virtually use the same telephony infrastructure and call out with the central office number.

The only prerequisite is that you should always be reachable on the office number against standard cost for the caller.

Rabauw Craft Beer

Rabauw Craft Beer is a social beer brewery in Eindhoven, located at Strijp-S. With a brewpub and restaurant, brewlab and beer shop in Gemert, and the craft beer webshop CraftOnly.nl, Rabauw offers a full range of craft brewed beers and other related products.

Rabauw’s mission is to connect and bring people together through beer. They have a strong focus on sustainability and social engagement, working with local communities to bring about positive change.

At Rabauw’s brewpub in Eindhoven, guests can enjoy a selection of their own brews, as well as beers from other local and international breweries. In addition, the brewpub also offers a full menu of delicious dishes that perfectly match the beers.

The brewlab in Gemert provides a space for innovation and experimentation. Here, new beers are developed and tested before being introduced to the market. This allows Rabauw to constantly produce new and exciting brews and experiment with different flavours and ingredients.

Besides their own brews, Rabauw also offers other related products, such as beer glasses, beer kits and beer gifts. All this is available in the beer shop in Gemert and online through their webshop CraftOnly.nl.

What makes Rabauw Craft Beer unique is their social commitment. For instance, they work with local communities to bring about positive change. They also have a programme called “Rabauw Academy”, where they offer development programmes to people distanced from the labour market (Rabauwers).

All in all, Rabauw Craft Beer is a great place for beer lovers to enjoy a delicious selection of craft beers while working towards a more sustainable and socially inclusive world. Whether you visit the brewpub in Eindhoven, the brewlab in Gemert, or shop online via CraftOnly.nl, Rabauw will not disappoint you with their selection of tasty and unique brews.

Cafe Gij&Ik

Café Gij&Ik is a cosy and popular beer pub in the Brabant town of Gemert. Located at ‘t Ridderplein, Gij&Ik offers an excellent atmosphere to enjoy a wide range of beers, including more than 200 varieties from all over the world.

Besides the extensive beer selection, Café Gij&Ik also offers delicious lunch dishes and drinks boards. All this makes Gij&Ik a perfect place for drinks with friends and lunch in Gemert.

One of Gij&Ik’s biggest advantages is its large terrace on ‘t Ridderplein. The terrace offers a perfect atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying the Brabant life. Whether you want to enjoy a delicious cold beer on a hot summer day or warm up with a hot chocolate on a cold winter day, the terrace is an ideal place to relax and enjoy.

Café Gij&Ik has also earned an excellent reputation in the local community. The café is a popular meeting place for locals and also regularly attracts visitors from outside the city. The informal atmosphere and friendly service add to Gij&Ik’s appeal.

Café Gij&Ik also organises regular events, such as beer tastings and music evenings, to entertain its guests and let them enjoy the rich beer culture of the Netherlands. The café also offers the possibility of organising private events, such as birthday parties or company gatherings.

All in all, Café Gij&Ik is an excellent place to enjoy a delicious cold beer, a tasty lunch or a cosy drink with friends. With an extensive selection of beers from around the world, an inviting terrace and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Café Gij&Ik is a perfect place to relax and enjoy Brabant life.

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