No matter your business size or industry, telephone calls are often the quickest and simplest way to serve your customers. Dutch mobile numbers help.

Your company must be as accessible as possible to build and maintain a good reputation and relationship with customers. As a result, businesses across the world are cutting the cord to landlines and making the switch to mobile numbers.

We’ve all got a mobile number. And because we’ve always used mobile numbers as a form of direct contact with individuals, rather than as a company number, it can be difficult to see how a mobile number can really improve your business strategy above and beyond improved accessibility.

In this blog, we’ll look at mobile numbers and virtual mobile numbers, the latter of which removes constraints of device-dependent mobile numbers, and find out how they can help your business thrive.

Mobile phone numbers for businesses

A Dutch mobile number is a contact number that is tied to a particular SIM card, which is inserted within a device like a mobile phone.

Mobile numbers limit you to one number per device, which then belongs to one person, making them an ineffective business phone solution. Teams today must be agile and dynamic; one person may take on several roles or several people may share one role, meaning one device with one number, for one person simply will not work for modern businesses.

There is a wide variety of business phone numbers that allow your customers to get in contact with your business, which are, compared to mobile numbers, highly beneficial in many different ways. This ranges from traditional landlines with additional services to premium rate numbers where you earn extra revenue.

Perhaps the most customizable, and a natural evolution from mobile numbers, is a virtual mobile number. Virtual phone numbers remove limitations associated with the more traditional number type while presenting a myriad of additional benefits.

How virtual phone numbers allow you to do more

Virtual mobile numbers, those beginning with the 097 prefix, are not tied to a device or SIM card. Virtualization opens the mobile numbers up to greater functionality and business potential, making them a great alternative or next step to traditional mobile numbers.

The virtual mobile number type is constantly reachable thanks to low-cost flexibility and call routing functionality, and can be used on any device rather than just a phone. This includes a handset, a mobile smartphone, and both mobile or desktop software applications.

They integrate easily with existing infrastructure, allowing businesses to leverage new technology without additional or costly upgrades to legacy hardware, by having multiple virtual numbers associated with just a single landline or device.

As a result, you can still use your traditional mobile number and handset, but also have multiple virtual numbers directed to it too. So if you’re a one-person team, you can have different numbers for different business functions, which then call through to your existing handset.

This number type can also be used with routing packages and can be forwarded to different destinations – in the office or around the world – ensuring your customers always get through to who they need, when they need to.

Top benefits and reasons a virtual mobile number is right for you

Go large

Virtual mobile numbers have a national image, with the prefix being tied to the Netherlands, but also benefit from international reach thanks to call routing, where inbound calls can be directed to any number, on any device, in any country.

Go local

The opposite is also true. You can buy a virtual number that appears local, appealing to a certain town or city even if you don’t have offices there, which is then directed to your mobile handset. Compare this to legacy mobile numbers, which would be tied specifically to one country or town and device.

Reachable 24/7

This number type is reachable 24/7 as it travels around with its user – unlike those associated with static landlines – or across devices in the case of, say, job sharing. This adds consistency when people leave or change roles too.

Extra services

You can also make use of virtual packages, which include menu and welcome messages, answering services, and reporting. Virtual phone numbers for business leverage greater insights into calls and customer habits, which helps you make more informed business decisions.

Increased competitiveness

Professionalism is vital in this fast-paced, competitive business landscape. Virtual mobile numbers improve your perceived size and reputation by introducing different numbers for different departments, at a fraction of the cost, even if they ultimately ring through to the same person.

Affordable for customers

Your customers will also never know you’re using a virtual mobile number because they will receive the same – if not better – service thanks to additional features, without paying a premium. In fact, your callers will only be charged regular mobile costs.

Affordable for you

Costs are also low for you as virtual numbers are implemented at low cost and alongside existing phone systems, meaning minimal disruption. The same goes for upkeep – the software-defined mobile phone number won’t ever need an update but instead can be customized as and when you want to make changes.

Mobile numbers with MCXess

With powerful features like an agent management tool to coordinate availability, customer routing to the appropriate departments for speedy service and call recording for quality evaluation and training, virtual Dutch mobile numbers allow you to take full advantage of MCXess’ intelligent communication solutions, which mobile operators are unable to offer. In teh Netherlands or any other country.

At MCXess, you can order and manage your virtual mobile number online today, active in just a few clicks. It’s time to liberate your business communications and start using virtual mobile numbers today.