Global With A Virtual Phone Number

You’ve got big dreams. And while your dreams may give James’ giant peach a run for its money, your budget may not. You’re restricted; your boundaries are literally country borders. While most businesses are happy to find their niche and dominate the national market, others look for bigger and better opportunities. Global With A Virtual Phone Number.

But for many, the additional time, cost, and resources needed to expand are simply out of the question. And yet the current economic climate, globalization and the internet, demands you to have an international presence.

So how can you start to tackle the international market without actually setting up offices across the globe?

Get yourself a virtual number

You may have heard the term virtual phone number, but this is just a collective term for any number that isn’t associated with a landline. It’s in the cloud instead of the ground.

A virtual number is used to route calls to the recipient’s actual phone number and to avoid charges in long-distance calls.

For business, opting for a virtual number makes sense for multiple reasons. One is that your customers won’t incur fees. Most virtual numbers are toll free, meaning you pay for the call, not your customer. As a result, your company is more accessible and customers trying to contact you have a more pleasant experience.

Adding to their value and ease of use, Virtual Phone Numbers can route calls originating from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks and mobile phones from anywhere in the world.

Different types of virtual numbers

Benefits of virtual phone numbers are heavily dependent on just what type of virtual number you opt for. All numbers which we provide at MCXess are virtual, while most are in some form also international. Whether you want to go local or go large also depends on your business goals.

Here are the main types of numbers you should consider for your business:

UIFNs: Benefits of appearing global

By having an international number, depending on which type you opt for, you’ll appear to have a global presence. That’s regardless of whether you’re a startup, fresh out of an incubator, or have an office in central Paris.

Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) can be activated in multiple countries and terminated in another country. This gives customers the ability to make an inbound, toll free call, and speak to you wherever they are.

This number will be universally recognizable and accessible, assuming countries are part of the UIFN program, which is critical when trying to grow your business on the international stage, because you must establish your brand and trust in it. But passing the trust test in a foreign consumer market won’t happen if your customers can’t catch you on the phone, no matter where they are.

With a UIFN you are also presenting your business as larger than it is. This means your targets will believe you are successful, reliable, and have an internationally-proven business model – all qualities that encourage them to convert into customers.

UIFNs also means that if you relocate, you avoid having to fork out to change letterheads, banners and any other advertising.

But probably the best thing about any virtual phone number is that you won’t have to relocate. You can have feet on the ground wherever you choose, and, instead, route a call to your employees’ mobiles instead of needing a landline and office, or any other extra overheads. Go global with a virtual phone number.

UIFNs are not the only choice

MCXess provides a range of different virtual phone numbers, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Some are internationally reachable (GEO, National, Mobile) while others, like UIFNs, can be activated in multiple countries, and alternatives are limited to specific countries. The number type you need will greatly differ depending on your business goals.

Why choose MCXess?

MCXess’ phone number orders are processed and delivered rapidly thanks to preexisting relationships with providers all over the world. This means you also avoid tedious contracts, negotiations and other legalities that just lengthen the whole process.

What’s more, with the MCXess fully automated webshop widget, you can order your new number online, have it activated in a couple of clicks, and build your perfect call routing package with our easy to use self-service tool.

It’s time to get your number faster and start doing international business faster. Go global with a virtual phone number.

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