Dutch Freephone Numbers

What is a freephone number?

A Dutch freephone number, or toll-free, is an 0800 number in the Netherlands, followed by seven more digits. They’re internationally recognized and are free for the caller because businesses are billed for all incoming calls instead.

Calling 0800 numbers from fixed and mobile phones is free by law. Due to this, and their memorability, 0800 numbers are sometimes used for utility emergency contacts. For example, call 0800 9009 for power leaks and gas problems.

This number type can connect to any existing telephone line, whether that is a landline, mobile or SIP address.

Why choose a freephone number?

Freephone numbers are free of charge for the caller and are reachable nationally, making it easier than ever for your customers to get in touch. This is valid for Dutch Freephone Numbers and for any other country.

The 0800 prefix is also widely recognizable, bringing an air of authority to your business that you wouldn’t otherwise have, and ensuring your communications are open to all. This shows your customers that you value them and are willing to cover the costs so they don’t have to.

A toll-free number can also be used for advertising purposes, campaign optimization, the introduction of new products and recruiting sponsorship.

When wouldn’t a freephone number be right for you?

If you’re a bootstrapped business or a large telco looking to make cuts, your freephone number could be a large cost to cover, especially if you’re getting a lot of calls. Because you foot the bill with freephone numbers, this could result in being a very expensive option. You must weigh up whether the benefits of freephone is worth it.

Freephone numbers with MCXess

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