Call recording

Businesses, big or small, are always in search of more cost-effective processes and ways to understand customers. With the rise of the internet, cloud and IoT has allowed for greater insights and analytics, but often these solutions are costly. Call recording recording could help.

While chatbots and email have revolutionised customer service, many customers still prefer to be able to pick up the phone and speak to someone within your company.

This is where call recording comes in. Call recording offers a portfolio of benefits such as resolution, documentation and training, all while improving customer service.

Analyse and evaluate customer calls for betting retention

Recording interactions with your customers means that you’re able to look back over previous calls to analyse what is and is not effective in regards to customer service. You can then improve on this to provide a better experience, which in turn improves loyalty and may even generate positive word-of-mouth.

The experience a customer has with you may also directly impact how much money they spend, as good customer service makes them feel more valued, leading to customer lifetime cycle being maximised.

You can also use your recordings to identify missed upselling opportunities or to even spot gaps in your service offering by taking note of what customers ask for.

Documentation and resolution saves your business money

It can be difficult to recall every conversation you have on the phone, especially when you have a large team. How do you know which members of your staff said what, and to who?

Phone calls are valuable and effective means of customer service, but sometimes conversations may be misinterpreted. That’s why call recording software is equally as valuable – it holds your company, your staff and even your customers to account by capturing every detail of a conversation.

This helps resolve any disputes you may encounter, keeping an absolute version of the truth and ridding any possibility of a he said, she said situation. This protects your company from costly disputes, saving time, money and resources – which could be make or break for a small to medium sized enterprise.

Call recording with MCXess

Call recording is available with all MCXess’ packages, which optionally include a range of additional features such as menu management, a dedicated agent and monitoring features, as well as basic features like call forwarding, office hours and queuing.

Making use of call recording with MCXess packages is very easy. Simply enable the feature in the packages settings and all calls will be automatically recorded.

To listen to the recordings, go to your account, find your number under the “My Numbers” menu and select the recordings report, then simply filter, download and listen to your recordings. MCXess’ accessibility and ease of use means it’s easy to save and share the file with other team members too.

Whether it’s your office landline or work phone, start recording your calls today and realise unforeseen benefits to your business.