Virtual Phone Numbers

While virtual reality has yet to hit the mainstream on the consumer side of things, in the B2B space, virtual technologies have been around, and relied upon, for quite some time. Perhaps not in a way that is fully immersive and disconnective, but rather the opposite. Virtual phone numbers have been around for a long time, and whether you’re a large or small business, it’s time to ditch the landline and go virtual. Doing this eases up two key restraints on your business: time and money.

Customers prefer virtual numbers and systems

Intelligent call routing plays a large part in your success with virtual numbers. With more and more businesses opting for next-gen communications like chatbots and SMS to resolve customer queries, it’s clear that the market has shifted from legacy landline tech. However, customers still value being able to speak with you on the phone.

For example, the latest report from BrightLocal found that 60% of customers prefer to call small businesses on the phone.

Customers also want to find answers quickly. By building your own bespoke, fully automated call routing package means you can address frequently asked questions in an effective and efficient manner.

No more passing customers around departments. Built correctly, your customers won’t even need a human operator by the end of the experience. The time your worker then frees up can be spent on more complex inquiries.

Plus, your customers never have to know that there isn’t a dusty phone ringing off the hook in an office building somewhere.

Employees prefer numbers in the cloud too

For both large and small companies, landlines rarely make sense today. It’s far too costly to install hardware for each of your 50 employees, and, on the flip side, there may be so few in your team that it makes more sense to use personal mobile phones – but this is an entirely different ball game.

Instead, opt for a virtual phone number that can intelligently and automatically route an inbound call to the appropriate staff member. This offers your workers – and you, if you’re an SME – a healthier work-life balance. Remote working? No longer a problem. In fact, you should welcome it. After all, research by Upwork found 80% of employees reported higher morale when working from home.

For office-based workers, virtual numbers give you the freedom to grab a coffee, even when the coffee queue is too long, without the fear of missing an important call. Instead, your virtual number and intelligent call routing system means anyone that needs you can get hold of you.

Virtual phone numbers are great for branding

Employees and customers alike love the flexibility and effectiveness of virtual phone numbers and automated call routing, which means this type of number reflects positively on your company.

Building a positive brand identity and company culture can be challenging, but virtual numbers are a sure-fire way to demonstrate what is important to you: serving customers well and prioritizing job satisfaction.

Of course, the two are heavily intertwined. Happy workers are proven to produce better quality work, which, in turn, attracts more customers to your business because everyone’s experience is much more positive.

Who knew to opt for a virtual phone number that’s in the cloud, not the ground, would impact your business to such an extent?

Toll-free numbers are thriving in the virtual space

While toll-free numbers were once a thing of the past – a marketing tactic to make sure you were reachable and memorable – the free-to-call numbers are actually thriving in the virtual space.

Virtual toll-free numbers is a collective term for any virtual number whereby your customers can call you, and you’ll pick up the charge. This adds an air of legitimacy around your business and prioritizes good customer service over incurred costs. In fact, the research found that 86% of customers associate a toll-free number with the quality of the business product or service.

Toll-free, also referred to as freephone, free call, or 800 number, can be forwarded to any landline, mobile or call center, and is recognized by most countries worldwide.

This number type, depending on which specific toll-free number you opt for, can also help shape your brand further, giving any small business or large corporation a national or international presence.

Ordering phone packages with MCXess

Using the latest automation technology, MCXess provides virtual numbers and call routing packages in just a click of a button. MCXess’ fully automated webshop allows you to select what number type you need, including for which countries and build your own call routing packages.

Due to preexisting relationships with providers in over 150 countries and 2,500 cities, you also avoid tedious contracts, negotiations and other legalities that otherwise lengthen the whole process. Instead, your number is activated almost instantly.

MCXess also provides an array of other number types.