Onno Westra and Frank Heijtlager appointed in the Board of Directors of MCXess

Onno Westra as CEO and Frank Heijtlager as CCO have been appointed as the new Board of Directors and will continue the work of Marcel Dijkstra.

Appointment Board of Directors MCXess

With a joint history of 26 years with MCXess, they are the right persons to continue in the spirit of MCXess.

Marcel has, together with Onno, Frank and the entire team, realised a worldwide phone number portfolio, easy to use and extensive call routing solutions and offered these online with real-time provisioning in a fully service portal where customers are in control.

The inbound telephony proposition is a healthy base, will remain an important pillar in the strategy of MCXess, and with the nomination of the Board of Directors a couple of new pillars will be added to the strategy and identity.

Hybrid Telephony

Besides inbound telephony, MCXess is also going to offer hybrid telephony and outbound telephony. This way, MCXess provides a solution without entering jet another PBX, collaboration or contact center solution onto the market. Telephony with your MS Teams account, Genesys, Avaya or any other (cloud) telephony platform. Always call with your business phone number.

Knowledge Sharing

MCXess is going to stimulate knowledge sharing for and with customers and anyone interested. The first steps have been taken with the publication of the whitepaper Hybrid is here to stay: How to Survive and Thrive in a Rapidly Changing Environment and by drafting and sharing a generically applicable disaster recovery plan.

About Onno Westra

Onno Westra mostly worked in the telecoms industry. Before MCXess mainly with operators (Versatel and Tele2) with focus on Operations, Product, Concept and Business Development.

Onno about his nomination:

“I am very proud of what the team has managed to realise with the guidance of Marcel and there is nothing I would rather do than to continue with the current team. I clearly see an added value of a telephony connectivity provider that understands hybrid working and know this team can fulfil that rol. Telephony does not have to be difficult, and that is what we are going to show!”

About Frank Heijtlager

Most of the career of Frank Heijtlager has been in the telecom and contact center industry. Prior to MCXess amongst others with debitel Netherlands and Unamic, with main focus on IT and Operations.

Frank about his nomination:

“It feels special to be able to “lead the way” together with Onno. Together with our team we are able to offer customers exactly what they need and that usually is not consultancy but a working solution.”

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