Number Porting

Want to call it quits with your current telco, but keep your current number? Phone number porting is the process of moving your phone numbers from one service provider to another. This can be an arduous process with some providers, and it is possible to temporarily lose service in the works, which is why it’s so important to make sure it’s done the right way.

Number porting is invaluable to businesses. It gives you agility and room to grow without losing the contact number your customers have become so familiar with.

If you have to change your number, there’s a whole lot of other things you have to change too. Think about your letterheads, business cards, email signatures and the resources it takes to let your customers know about the contact change. And, porting can influence project timelines and execution plans, which overall affects the bottom line.

Port your number, don’t terminate

You can port your number from a mobile, landline or VoIP service, but it’s imperative that you remember to port and not terminate. Terminating is where you give up your number, adding it back into the pool of phone numbers that are constantly recycled and can be picked up by anyone – immediately. Making it pretty much impossible for you to get it back. If your numbers are important to you then you don’t want to avoid this at all costs.

Ever had someone call you looking for someone else, adamant they’ve got the right number? This is why that happens, and why it may happen to your customers if you terminate your number instead of porting. If your customers can’t reach you, then their customer service experience will be impacted, along with your reputation. Not to mention any lost opportunities for new business.

What you’ll need to get started with number porting

When you have decided you want to leave your service provider, MCXess will automate this process and make sure your numbers are ported with minimal hassle.

All you’ll need to do is fill in the number you want to port and we’ll explain exactly what the next steps are and what we need to complete your number porting. Then simply upload the required documents online (usually a letter of authorization (LOA), and a copy of your phone bill from your old provider) and we’ll take care of the rest.

Once you’ve submitted these documents, MCXess will send the paperwork to your old provider and liaise with them on any technical details.

Remember, your current service provider doesn’t want to lose you as a customer nor spend time and resources on facilitating that loss of business, so it’s unlikely that they will make the porting process easy for you.

What is usually quite a complex process is simplified and easy to manage via our online automated platform.

With MCXess’ solutions, business now have the luxury of simplified ordering of new numbers, as well as a simplified and automated porting process.

Reasons to port your number portfolio with MCXess:

  • All your numbers with one provider – single contact for technical support, legal, and billing.
  • Same easy to use packages with call routing functionality for all numbers.
  • Same caller, management and agent experience across your services.
  • Most providers don’t have a simplified process and can in some cases be obstructive.
  • Open and transparent approach, with an online automated platform for all customers.
  • Simply fill in your number to be ported and we’ll take care of the rest.

What to expect while we take care of your number porting

Even if your paperwork is all correct, porting can still take anywhere from a week to a month, though averaging out around the two-week mark.

Porting can be a long and exhausting process. MCXess simplifies this through an open and transparent approach. With MCXess, you’ll know upfront exactly what is needed and can submit the required documents online through our automated widget.

This means no inquiry required with an account manager to see if porting is possible, no waiting to be told what is required in order to process the porting, and no changes during the process. Everything is clear and automated for seamless porting without disruption.

As well as number porting, MCXess also provides intelligent call routing and various number types, which are activated instantaneously.

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