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18xy and Directory Inquiry Services in the Netherlands

What is going to change

Forwarding services and Directory Inquiry Services in the Netherlands were allowed on both 0906 and 18xy numbers and all caller charges as available for all Dutch premium rate numbers. This is changing.

Outline of the main changes:

  • All types of call forwarding services are allowed only on 18xy numbers (i.e. a 0906 number may no longer be used for call forwarding services)
  • Every caller must be answered personally
  • Callers must be able to request all numbers (no subset)
  • A connection to the COIN platform Subscriber information is mandatory
  • In the future, available caller charges are going to be limited for 18xy numbers


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      18xy and Directory Inquiry Services in the Netherlands

      Which Numbers can be Used

      Available prefixes

      After the change, only 18xy numbers may be used as paid Directory Inquiry Services numbers. Until 15-12-2022, 0906 numbers may still be offered for paid call forwarding services, after that no more.

      Note: There is only a limited number of 18xy numbers available. This is positive because there will be fewer parties competing with each other online but also ensures that you need to be on time when applying for an 18xy number. Because: gone = gone.

      Request a 18xy-number

      An 18xy number for Directory Inquiry Services needs to be applied for from the ACM, but we can of course help with that. A number can be requested from the ACM via this link. Once the allocation is received, we can activate the number for you. This can be done in just a few clicks. If you have any questions about applying for a number, feel free to contact us for a free consultation. We are happy to help!

      18xy and Directory Inquiry Services in the Netherlands

      Obligatory connection with COIN

      If you are going to operate a call forwarding service on an 18xy number, you are obliged to provide a full number information service. This means that all telephone numbers must be retrievable from all businesses and consumers who have had their numbers included in the number register.

      COIN platform Abonnee informatie is mandatory

      To enforce this, the ACM is making a connection to the COIN platform Subscriber Information, mandatory. A connection is required for each individual 18xy number. The monthly rate of such a COIN connection has not yet been set. COIN will let that depend on the number of expected applications. The fee will probably be somewhere between €390 and €1150. More applications mean a lower fee.

      Agent interface

      The COIN connection comes with a REST/JSON API. This is reasonably documented and anyone can build their own front-end on it that agents can then use. However, not everyone has a development team at their disposal. In those cases, we can provide a ready-made interface. Then you can just get straight to work with your team, 18xy and forwarding services

      Highlights and timeline of the Directory Inquiry Services changes as presented by COIN on 25-11-2022
      Tariffs 8xy numbers
      18xy and Directory Inquiry Services in the Netherlands

      Available caller tariffs

      Currently, 18xy numbers can be requested with the same calling rates as any other Dutch Premium Number. See which rates are available on the left here.

      In addition, the caller rate including the maximum amount for the call should be announced to each caller. We arrange this automatically for all 18xy numbers we activate.

      A caller must give explicit approval for a call forwarding. We can have this approval automatically recorded in a report.

      From 16 December 2024, the ACM is likely to limit the maximum charge for the entire call to €10. We will keep you informed of any updates we receive on this.

      Tip: It is not mandatory to offer a call forwarding option. For number information services with that scope, it may make sense to take an 18xy number with a per-call calling rate.


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