ictual - success story

How perfect would it be if incoming calls could be routed automatically based on the planned roster? We have managed to realise exactly that by adding the services of MCXess to ours!

Andre Fruitman CEO, ictual and mijnDienstrooster.com

Partnership with MCXess

ICTual provides solutions to manage workforce as efficient and effective as possible. Get the right person on the right moment at the right location.

ICTual uses the package Custom provided by MCXess. Custom enables ICTual with the possibility to build virtually any call flow for their customers. They make an inventory of the wishes of their customer. E.g. first a welcome message and then check the office hours. During office hours the caller should be offered a menu while outside office hours they will get the doctor, engineer or other person on call.

It is possible to manage the ‘on-call-personnel’ in Custom and have the calls delivered dynamically. However if a company is already working with a rostering solution, maintaining the ‘on-call’ roster is preferably done in one system.

ICTual has created the solution: ICTual has utilized the possibility to connect the telephonyapplication with myDutyroster via XML. When a call comes in the telephonysystem checks via XML who is on call and delivers the call accordingly.

This enables ICTual to deliver their myDutyroster with telephony in one go to their customers. There is no need for their customers to get in contact with MCXess. One-stop-shopping and partnership at its best.

About myDutyroster

Our goal is providing a comprehensive planning and scheduling solution that optimizes the utilization of your staff. We are convinced that mDr provides a solution that fits your needs and support the entire planning process. We see planning and scheduling not as a one-time or recurring process but as a continuously ongoing activity where all people involved have their role.

Employees need to have insight in their planning and have specific needs about their assignments. Customers want to have their work-related requirement secured and fulfilled.

Planners wants to understand the availability of their staff and other resources. The administration wants to be informed about the real utilization of staff. Due to changing circumstances a work schedule is continuously changing. This requires a transparent and flexible process and tools.

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