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Universal Numbers

With a universal phone number you are internationally available via one number. Activate the UIFN number in as many countries as you like. Calling to a UIFN (Universal International Freephone Number - 00800) number is free for the caller. Just like a regular toll-free / freephone number.

Universal number at a glance

- An international 00800 number
- One number all over the world
- Available in over 60 countries
- Free of charge for your callers
- International appeal


With a Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN), your company can be reached from one single number. An 00800 numbers offers toll-free calling while giving your organisation the image of a multi-national.

International reachability free of charge provides the lowest threshold for your callers.


Requesting an Universal International Freephone Number can be done in a couple of clicks all over the world. A UIFN number can be combined with one of our customer communication apps. Everything online. Ordering and managing.


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