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Universal Numbers

Worldwide reachability with one Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) for your company with the professional appearance of a multi-national.

A 00800 number is:

For over 60 countries the Universal International Freephone Number is available at MCXess. You can individually determine which phone number can be redirected to for each country. Make sure that there is always an expert from that particular country can pick up the phone. For example, a special line can be maintained for people who call from Germany.

A 00800 number with the additional benefit of having the same number in all activated countries, even if you would like to add additional countries later, the UIFN number will remain unchanged for these countries.

The alternative is a free national service number. This phone number can vary per country. For example, the toll-free service number for the Netherlands is 0800.

Our customer communication packages can also be combined with an international number:

Basic = manage your data online
Smart = leave a voicemail message when you are closed
Pro = monitor both your waiting queue and extensions
Custom = real-time monitor for your agents and waiting queue

Order and manage your international toll-free number online within a few clicks. Available worldwide from the country where your company is located.


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