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Applications that make optimizing your contact strategy easy. We offer customer communication solutions: service- and phone numbers in over 110 countries and ready to use cloud based communication applications, enabling your reachability. Whatever you need a straightforward phone number or a complete contact center solution with real-time monitoring. For any customer contact challenge, we have a solution.

Phone Numbers

Freephone numbers

Ready to use numbers, free of charge for the callers, in more than 100 countries worldwide for professional purposes.

From € 22,50 p/m

Local numbers

With local numbers in more than 1.700 cities around the world, you create local presence anywhere in the world without having to open new offices.

From € 3,- p/m

National numbers

With a corporate number you can communicate one single number to all of your customers. The number you use and the appeal is professional, robust and of course national.

From € 2,- p/m

Premium rate numbers

You can charge your customers or callers a price per call or per minute. A premium rate number gives your company national appeal.

From € 22,50 p/m

Prepaid numbers

With a prepaid number your customer can purchase call credit upfront and call you from anywhere in the world. Generate revenue without the disadvantage of a premium rate number.

From € 73,- p/m


With a universal phone number you are internationally available under 1 number. Calling to a universal (00800) number is free.

From € 22,50 p/m


Local numbers in the most important locations all over the world. Be present in 17 countries.

€ 67,- p/m


Cross border sales with local numbers in West Europe. Presence in 15 countries at once.

€ 50,- p/m


Cover the emerging countries of Europe. Numbers in 15 countries strategically distributed.

€ 46,- p/m


A number in 13 locations divided over North and South America and Canada.

€ 53,50 p/m


A number in all of the states of the USA. Be locally available for all Americans.

€ 115,- p/m


Be reachable for all Latin American customers. Numbers in 10 countries at once.

€ 62,- p/m


Cover Asia and Oceania all at once. ApacPack provides numbers in 6 countries. See which countries.

€ 57,- p/m

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