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Start a personal dialogue with your target group. The OutboundDialer is an outbound dialling application which offers an easy to use online tool to automatically initiate calls between your agents and your (potential) customers.

Outbound dialling in a glance

Efficiently fill your sales funnel

Instantly execute service calls

No equipment or integration required

Unlimited outbound campaigns

Freedom with flexibility

Fill your sales funnel easily

Internet and online shops have revolutionised sales. No discussion here. But personal contact is still a very important tool to gain confidence and trust.

An actual to-the-point dialogue and being able to instantly answer possible questions, saves the buyer's time.

Furthermore an outbound campaign takes away the necessity for the buyer to take initiative. It is you who is in the lead. You take the initiative and it is you who can turn latent desires into action, and fill your funnel before anybody else does.

And you can have your sales representatives take action themselves, but an outbound campaign with OutboundDialler takes away the organisational hassle for them and lets them focus on their speciality: Listen and convince. With OutboundDialler the campaign can be defined, numbers and contacts uploaded, and set up the conversation between your sales reps and your potential buyers.

Efficiently execute service calls

In any business there comes a moment where you need to reach a large group of customers to inform them about your service. You have a new release that impacts them. There is a calamity. You have a special upgrade available, or... And many times a simple email will not suffice. The penetration rate is not enough or the speed in which an email reaches the right person might be too low.

In those cases OutboundDialler is the solution. Create a campaign, upload the contacts to be reached, make your agents available and let OutboundDialler make the contacts.

No integration required

OutboundDialler is an online and independent application. No integration with your existing PBX, CRM or any other system is required.

Upload the contacts to be reached and OutboundDialler will call both your agent and the target group. This application is built for flexibility. It can be used when and where required. Create as many campaigns as desired, use different agent destinations per campaign and each campaign has its own dialling list.

Use it at one office today, and at a new office tomorrow.

No integration required

How does it work

Set the relevant parameters

Import the numbers to be called and start the campaign

Just € 69,- monthly fee

NO installation costs

First month is free

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