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A toll-free number gives your company a more professional image and national accessibility.

Make it easier for your customers to call you in any country, with free to call 0800 numbers.

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All number types, in over 150 countries and with tons of amazing features
Select the country, number type “freephone” and place your order
Instantly set up worldwide phone numbers. Live in a couple of clicks
Transfer your freephone numbers
Setup and maintain online with easy self-service tools
Includes call forwarding and routing, reporting and more

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A toll-free number in The Netherlands is an 0800 number that allows your customers to call your company for free. Every number plan from MCXess includes features such as call forwarding, reporting and self-service account management.  An 0800 number can also be used to improve your company's image and optimise your marketing campaigns. With no cost to your customer, they’ll be more likely to call you and they’ll have a more professional impression of your business, with nationwide accessibility.

MCXess offers the largest global coverage of toll-free numbers for businesses looking to expand into new markets. Buy toll-free service numbers in each country where you want to be active today!

Gain Global Access

Gain access to numbers in 150 countries and thousands of cities to quickly grow your international business. All your numbers under one account

Rapid Delivery

No more waiting around, almost all your chosen numbers go live instantly!

Position Yourself

Give your business the edge with international numbers that command respect while reflecting a global presence.

Packages to Suit all Your Toll-Free Number Needs

With basic and advanced packages with features that can be customized to fit any budget or expansion plans.
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Forward your toll-free number to any destination

Full Reporting
Call Forwarding
Account Management

Add call routing intelligence to your toll-free numbers

Includes everything from'Basic' plus the following:
Welcome Message
Office Hours
Voicemail / Announcement

Add call centre functionality to your toll-free numbers

Includes everything from 'Smart' plus the following:
Call Group
Call Recording
Agent Management

Build your own custom features and flows

Build your own from our full list of number management features!
All Features
Unlimited Flows
Engineering Freedom
Custom Reports
Scheduled Reports
XMLRPC Connector
And much more

Toll-Free Number Features

Versatile freephone numbers with advanced number management features, for expanding businesses in every market. Make sure you never miss a call with our user-friendly features.

Access many advanced features from the MCXess self-service portal. Set up flexible call forwarding rules, record calls, create custom reporting and scheduling, monitor calls, manage audio and agents, set up new virtual landlines and other types of phone numbers yourself, and much more via our portal.

Endless Options

Why settle? With Freephone numbers available for countries all over the world and loads of options for managing your numbers, growing your business internationally has never been easier.

Call Routing

Send calls where they need to go with call routing packages included with all toll-free numbers. No specialists or engineers required.

Port Numbers

Move all your toll-free numbers around with ease. Simply transfer existing freephone numbers through your online portal, even if they have existing traffic. We’ll take care of the rest.


Use our online portal to access everything you need to implement your new freephone numbers effectively. Giving you the support you need, when you need it.

Trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses -  big and small

Setting up freephone numbers with MCXess is easy and affordable. Get a toll-free 0800 number today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a freephone number?

Use the portal to select the country and number type you want. Then select the package with the features you need.  

You’re now ready to place the order and you will be prompted to login or set-up a new account if you haven’t already.

Then you will be directed to the dashboard where you can configure your number and start taking calls.

Are all your toll-free numbers internationally accessible?

Toll-free numbers are domestic numbers and can only be called from the country where they are active.

Can I port my existing Dutch toll-free numbers?

Yes you can. Go to the shop, select country Netherlands and number type Freephone. In the next screen, select the option “Keep My Existing Number” and add you number details. After you have selected the call routing package with the features you need and placed the order, in the next screen you will have the possibility to upload all required documents. We will then handle the number porting for you.

How much does a freephone number cost?

Starting at € 22,50 a month, you can request an 0800 number from MCXess. In the shop, after you have selected the country, number type and package, all costs will be provided.

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