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Mobile Numbers

A mobile number provides a flexible, always available and modern impression.

We provide you a virtual mobile number, this means the number is assigned to you in the cloud and you do not receive a SIM card.
Incoming calls can be forwarded to any number destination of your choice.

Mobile number at a glance

- Normal mobile cost for the caller
- Personal impression instead of corporate
- Flexible appearance – reachable everywhere
- National appeal but internationally reachable
- Preferred number type of new generations


- Mobile numbers are ideal when your business depends on providing your customers the feeling you serve them personal, always reachable and / or are able to move.
- A mobile number  provides your customers the feeling you are  are available wherever and whenever.
- Mobile number is the number of choice  of the new generations and it is ideal if you are Marketing this group of people.
- With our virtual mobile numbers you are able to make fully use of MCXess intelligent communications applications which most mobile operators are not able to provide.


Requesting a mobile number can be done in a couple of clicks, check the coverage in the map.
A mobile number can be combined with one of our customer communication apps.

Everything online. Ordering and managing.


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