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Charity Call Number

A 0900 number with consumer tariff € 1, per call, which can be used for customer service and the full amount is donated to charity organizations.

Charity Call is a socially driven, non-profit organization that supports organizations focused on a better, cleaner, fairer and more sustainable world. Charity Call
supports the work of existing charities organizations and does the fund raising through the offer of VAT free 0900 numbers to companies that can use them for
customer service.

Charity Call is a foundation in which consumers, business and government contribute to supporting charity organizations. In this way, everyone contributes to the
structural funding of global non-profit organizations and contribute to a more promising and sustainable world.

How it works?

- Charity Call offers via MCXess, 0900 numbers to companies which can be used for all services including customer service.
- Consumers can decide if they call the (local) number (at local rate) or the Charity Call number and donate € 1, to charity.
- The donations obtained through these numbers are donated to Charity Call.
- Charity Call returns the revenue to existing charity organisations with the ANBI status and CBF brand. Charity Call has selected about 20 existing charities.
- You do not pay setup and monthly fee for the 0900 number. The traffic and administration fees will be charged.
- You get a widget that shows online real-time how much money has been donated to the charity. This widget can be placed on your website.
- More information can be found at

After ordering a Charity Call Number, you will receive the widget in your email with instructions on how to place it on your website.

Tel: 020 - 12345678 or 0900 - 1234567 €1,- per call for


Charity Call is a Dutch initiative and currently only available in the Netherlands.


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