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National Number


From € 2,- p/m

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With a national number you can communicate one single number to all of your customers. The number you use and the appeal is professional, robust and of course national.

National number at a glance

One single number for your organisation, nation-wide

National and professional appearance

Available in over 40 countries

Ideal for multiple locations

Available for your customers at local tariff

Advantages national / corporate number

National (or corporate) numbers offer your company national accessibility at local rates. Regardless of your location, national numbers ensure you of a national unambiguous identity. As an added advantage, multiple locations are accessible via one single number.


Requesting a national / corporate number can be done in a couple of clicks all over the world. A national number can be combined with one of our customer communication apps. Everything online. Ordering and managing.

See below for the available countries and see our shop for the pricing of a national number.

From € 2,- p/m

Other Number types available

Local numbers

With local numbers in more than 1.700 cities around the world, you create local presence anywhere in the world without having to open new offices.

From € 3,- p/m

Freephone numbers

Ready to use numbers, free of charge for the callers, in more than 100 countries worldwide for professional purposes.

From € 22,50 p/m


With a universal phone number you are internationally available under 1 number. Calling to a universal (00800) number is free.

From € 22,50 p/m


Connect customers all over the world with local numbers. No local addresses required.

From € 46,- p/m

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