Freephone Number

A toll-free number gives your company a more professional image and national accessibility.
With no cost to your customer, they are more likely to call you.  

A freephone number gives you the following benefits:

  • Makes it easier for your customer to get in touch
  • Free of charge to the caller
  • More recognisable on your communications

A toll-free number can also be used to improve the company's image, advertising purposes, optimize campaigns, introduce new products and recruiting sponsorship

Take a toll-free service number in each country where you want to be active. MCXess offers the largest global coverage.


A free service number is compatible with one of
our customer communication packages:


Reachable anywhere

  • Route calls to any worldwide telephone number or SIP address
  • WhatsApp enabled
  • Use call recording for quality evaluating and agent training


Manage your business opening hours to improve customer satisfaction

  • Customisable welcome text to greet your caller
  • Saves you time by automatically blocking hoax/sales callers
  • Get voicemails in your email address


Add intelligence to call routing

  • Agent management tool to coordinate availability
  • Route customers to the appropriate departments and agents
  • Track call and agent performance in real-time withlive dashboards


The possibilities are endless

  • Cloud Contact Centre
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Unlimited Agents Included

In just a few clicks you can order a toll-free service number and use it nationally within the country of your choice. Everything online, both order as well as manage.

Global reachability in over 150 countries

Looking for other number types?

From €3
- monthly

Local Number

Geographical numbers provide your caller with a comfortable feeling. Your company is nearby and internationally accessible. Easy to switch to any number you want.

From €2
- monthly

National Number

National numbers at local rates provide your company with a corporate image with national recognition. One phone number for several locations in one country.

From €22.50
- monthly

Premium Rate Number

Professional national numbers that allows you to generate revenue for the telephone services provided. Charges can be set per call or minute.

From €12
- monthly

Universal Number

Accessible free of charge with the same telephone number in several countries, gives your business a multi-national image

From €3
- monthly

Mobile Number

A virtual mobile number can be used with a routing package. Constant reachability.