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The standard packages will not fit your contact strategy or you need more customized applications with more functionalities? FlowDesigner has a wide selection of functionalities which are used to create fully customized call flows. Mix 'n Match all thinkable features to create your perfect call flow.

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All call routing features imaginable

Engineering control

Build your own call flows or have us build it for you

Manage your own Audio-, Destinations and Workgroups and calendar libraries

Utilize advanced features such as XML integration and checklists

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Outbound Report

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An easy to use online environment to set the configuration of your service number and cloud based solution.


Full history of your inbound and outbound phone calls.

Realtime monitor

Access to end-to-end real-time call details.

Destination number

Determine and manage to which (world wide) number or department your service number is connected to.

Welcome message

Message that the caller hears when calling your device/number.

Time/date routing

Plan your opening dates and periods.


Queue functionality with options like music, number of people waiting and custom audio messages.


The possibility to block specific numbers of callers.


Your agent receives an announcement before a caller is connected.

Choice menu

Give your customers a choice. Connect them to the right person right away.


With a sub-menu you will connect the caller even more precise.

Call recording

You can record customer calls. For instance for training purposes.

Agent login

Agents can manage their availability status themselves. Transfer of callers will be executed accordingly.

Security code

A security code on company level that you can set yourself.


Sending incoming fax messages to an email address.

Areacode routing

Route to closed office or agent. Based on the area code of the caller.

Code emission

Generate a unique code for your caller which can be used for instance for identification.

Customer ID

Ask the ID of the customer and route based on that code to a specific agent or workgroup.

CLI/VIP routing

Specific routing based in the caller numbers or typed in (customer) number.

Traffic distribution

Divide the incoming calls based on various algorithms.

Mobile blocking

The possibility to block callers from mobile phones.


Define as many agent shifts as desired and route accordingly.

Customer reports

Have reports created tailored to your needs. Shift data and add additional measuring points.

Telephone tool

Tool to manage your basic flow settings simply by calling in (useful when you do not have internet access).


A tool to create, manage and execute outbound campaigns.


Is your company not available? Your caller can leave a message, which you receive by email.

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With this ready-to-use application your calls will be transferred to end destinations via menu's. Outside office hours you can play a message to the callers.

€ 75,- p/m


With this ready-to-use application your calls will be routed via menu's to agent groups, who will be able to manage their availability. Calls can be recorded and real-time monitoring is available.

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Provide professional consults via the phone. A caller chooses the consultant they know or pick one out of a carousel.

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The right voice for your phone menu. The voice on your voice response system is your company’s calling card.

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