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Consulting – people providing support, comfort and advise to other people - is an ancient profession. Consult Carrousel gives the possibility to an organisation of consultants to provide their services by phone. This consultant service can be provided via any type of phone or service number, for example using a premium rate number. Do check the local legislation and code of conduct.

ConsultCarrousel in a glance

Consultants can logon and off at their convenience

Callers can be connected to either a random available consultant, a specific consultant or select a consultant by listening to a carrousel of introduction messages of the available agents

Show the consultant’s availability on your website real-time using our XML feed

Consultants can login in the office, at home or anywhere they have a phone

Independent from any system

The caller experience

When looking for consult, your customers are looking for support, comfort and advise for their benefit. Many first-time callers are often not completely aware of what it is they are actually looking for, let alone which of your consultants to talk with. Your frequent callers may have their preferred consultants. Either way, your callers are going to be guided in their search by ConsultCarrousel. It allows your callers to select the consultant of their choice and will help your consultants built a relationship with their callers. When calling your ConsultCarrousel, callers will get a warm welcome via your personal welcome message and get a menu to choose how they would like to be connected to a consultant. The caller gets reassured they have called the right number. Via the agent availability XML it is possible to show which agents are available at this moment, so the caller can even select a consultant before calling.

The callers gets 3 options to choose from so every caller can follow their preferred path:

1. Get connected to a random consultant:
When a caller is new to the consultancy service he or she might just want to talk to someone as soon as possible. He wants to be helped, not add another problem to the plate.
2. Get connected to a specific consultant:
A repeat caller might have built a relationship with a specific consultant. Follow up on a previous conversation, or he might have found a specific consultant via a profile on a website. In that case under option 2, the caller can submit the code of that consultant and gets connected right away. In case the consultant is busy or not logged on, the caller will be notified and can make another choice.
3. Listen to consultant introduction messages:
In option 3 the caller can listen to a carrousel of audio messages in which available agents (consultants) explain their specialism. The caller can skip through the audio messages and select one to be connected to. So with Consult Carrousel a caller will always be connected to the most suitable consultant as soon as possible and find the support needed.

So with Consult Carrousel a caller will always be connected to the most suitable consultant as soon as possible and find the support needed.

The consultant experience - Feature overview

Your consultants are experts, and always willing to share their expertise - their knowledge and skills - with others. As quickly and easy as possible.

These features will help you with that:

Agent Management:
A ConsultCarrousel comes default with 50 consultant accounts. It is up to you how many you are going to use. Share one account with every consultant (agent) and they are ready to start.

Consultant introduction message:
It is important to have good introductory messages available for each consultant. That is the consultant’s business card. Each consultant will be able to record- and re-record their own message as many times as possible. Keep it up to date with the latest skills and what is going on in the world.

Consultant availability:
Each consultant will have their own login account. With that account a consultant will be able to set his or her availability at any time. ConsultCarrousel will route callers automatically based on the availability.

Online status visibility:
Your consultants have their introduction message for callers to the ConsultCarrousel. But you are also able to create a website where each of your consultants can promote themselves and with the real-time XML feed from the ConsultCarrousel you are able to show website visitors which of the consultants are available on the phone at that very moment. Have your web developer integrate the XML feed into your website and the logged on agents have additional promotion available.

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Outbound Report

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Workgroup SLA Report

See how ConsultCarrousel can work for you


An easy to use online environment to set the configuration of your service number and cloud based solution.


Full history of your inbound and outbound phone calls.

Realtime monitor

Access to end-to-end real-time call details.

Destination number

Determine and manage to which (world wide) number or department your service number is connected to.

Welcome message

Message that the caller hears when calling your device/number.

Time/date routing

Plan your opening dates and periods.


Queue functionality with options like music, number of people waiting and custom audio messages.


The possibility to block specific numbers of callers.


Your agent receives an announcement before a caller is connected.

Choice menu

Give your customers a choice. Connect them to the right person right away.

Call recording

You can record customer calls. For instance for training purposes.

Agent login

Agents can manage their availability status themselves. Transfer of callers will be executed accordingly.

Telephone tool

Tool to manage your basic flow settings simply by calling in (useful when you do not have internet access).


A tool to create, manage and execute outbound campaigns.

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