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Do not miss a call and leave a professional impression. This easy to use app provides all basic relevant features, such as a queue if you get too many calls at once,  time-date routing and voicemail, so you can get some peace of mind when you are closed, while your customers still can leave their concerns with you.

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Welcome message

Time-date routing

No equipment and no integration required

Queue with music and position notification


Extensions (TalkTime) Reports

Outbound Report

Traffic Report

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An easy to use online environment to set the configuration of your service number and cloud based solution.

Destination number

Determine and manage to which (world wide) number or department your service number is connected to.

Time/date Routing

Plan your opening dates and periods.


Full history of your inbound and outbound phone calls.


Queue functionality with options like music, number of people waiting and overflow.


Your caller can leave a message, which you can receive by email.


With this module you have the option to block numbers

Just € 45,- monthly fee

NO installation costs

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With this ready-to-use application your calls are transferred to your definable agent groups. During- and outside office hours.

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With this ready-to-use application your calls will be transferred to end destinations via menu's. Outside office hours you can play a message to the callers.

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With this ready-to-use application your calls will be routed via menu's to agent groups, who will be able to manage their availability. Calls can be recorded and real-time monitoring is available.

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The right voice for your phone menu. The voice on your voice response system is your company’s calling card.

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