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Some organisations need to be reachable 24/7. During office hours, full service with all your agents and outside office hours for example the support team. With Connect24/7 you get exactly that, different routing for the day and night shift.

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Day and night shift routing

Multiple destinations per shift

Easy configuration

Audio message when a shift is (temporarily) not available

Independent from your phone system

A single number combined with shifts

Today's economy runs all day, 24/7. In many situations that means that your organisation also has to be available 24/7.

Probably you'll have a different workforce available at a different numbers during the day as during the night. Having to maintain multiple numbers to your customers - one for office hours and one outside office hours - is not ideal. You know your customer will mix up the numbers and may get annoyed.

With Connect24/7 you'll be able to give a single number to your customers to be used 24/7 and time-date routing from Connect24/7 will make sure the calls end up at the right destination.

You are free to determine how many destinations you configure, both during- and outside office hours.

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An easy to use online environment to set the configuration of your service number and cloud based solution.

Destination number

Determine and manage to which (world wide) number or department your service number is connected to.

Time/date routing

Plan your opening dates and periods


Full history of your inbound and outbound phone calls.


Your agent receives an announcement before a caller is connected

Just € 35,- monthly fee

NO installation costs

First month is free

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