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You want to have your teleconferencing with multiple participants. Ad hoc or planned in advance. With ConferenceDirect you set up your teleconference meeting in a few simple steps. You invite participants, home or abroad. Set the date and time and you share it. Ready!

How it works?

Order a phone number and ConferenceDirect online

Configure the basic settings in 2 simple steps

Share time, date and optional security code

Call the phone number at the set time

Traffic Report

See how Conferencedirect can work for you


An easy to use online environment to set the configuration of your service number and cloud based solution.

Welcome message

Message that the caller hears when calling your phone number.


Full history of your inbound and outbound phone calls.

Security code

A security code on company level that you can set yourself.

Just € 10,- monthly fee

NO installation costs

First month is free

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