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This App provides the possibility to place Click2Call buttons on your website. Visitors enter their phone number in the button and this app will automatically set up a call between your agent and the visitor. This app allows you to schedule the call either by you or by the visitor.

Click2Call in a glance

A Click2Call button on your website

Efficiently fill your sales funnel

No equipment and no integration required

Save the buyer cost

Shift initiative from buyer to yourself, take control of your leads

Take control of your leads, shift initiative

Internet and online shops have revolutionised sales. No discussion here. But personal contact is still a very important tool to gain confidence and trust.
Your SEO, SEA and website are in order, people can find you, but in many cases you are still dependent on your (potential) customers to contact you. And you have to be ready when they take the initiative. With Click2Call this can be optimised.
Click2Call is a 'call me now' or 'call me later' button on your website. Your (potential) customer do not have to pick up the phone and dial your number, but simply leave their number and a two way call will be generated.
With the customer leaving their number, you also take control of the initiative. You are in possession of their number and you are in control of the lead follow up. You take control of your sales funnel.

Optimise efficiency of your sales team

Sales (and support) always have to be available for your customers. But you also want the best efficiency. You do not want to waste your customer's time by having them in a queue, but you also do not want to scale your workforce to that one workload peak.
With Click2Call you are able to schedule when the calls are going to take place and manage the maximum number of simultaneous calls. So you are in control of the workload at any time.

No integration required

Just as OutboundDialler, Click2Call is an online and independent application. No integration with your existing PBX, CRM or any other system is required.
Click2Call registers the numbers to be called and sets up a call to your agent and the customer according to your schedule. It works completely independent from your PBX or other phone system. Use it at one office today, and at a new office tomorrow

No integration required

How does it work

Set the relevant parameters

Just € 45,- monthly fee

NO installation cost

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