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"Besides having a reliable and stable solution, transparency is key for us."
Martijn van der Ven, CEO at PRS-Telecom, brand owner of GDS

About Global Donation Services (GDS)

Global Donation Services (GDS) is a fundraising service platform developed by PRS-Telecom.
They provide an innovative telecommunications technology platform developed to support NGOs, Charitable Organizations and SMEs with accessing new fundraising streams and attaining global reach for their emergency appeals and day to day fundraising campaigns.

GDS is run and managed by a dedicated team of GDS Ambassadors that support our clients’ needs. Our goal is to simplify the donation process so that anyone anywhere can give immediately to the causes that they support, at the time of need, in a simple and transparent manner.

Anyone with a telephone can now donate easily and securely any amount they determine.

GDS is using MCXess Package:

Partnership with MCXess

Through the collaboration of networks, partnerships and technology, GDS is crossing borders and embraces the world by offering a platform which makes it easier to make a change for those in need around the world. MCXess has been chosen as a technology partner, providing smart call routing and IVR solutions.

GDS operates worldwide and requires a partner who is able to manage and route the call flows flawless and in line with specifications of the underlying clients. Frank Heijtlager, Sales Director at MCXess saw the potential and partnership in an early stage and keptthe conversation going between PRS-Telecom and MCXess.

“Besides having a reliable and stable solution, transparency is key for us.” says Martijn van der Ven(CEO) at PRS-Telecom, the brand owner of GDS. “Donation services are sensitive services and close cooperation to ensure smooth and transparent operations is critical. In MCXess we have found a partner that fits this profile. They provide reliable services globally and have shown to be very cooperative and creative in making this partnering simple, transparent and effective”. Albertvan Gent (CCO) “We launched GDS during the first World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul on 23 and 24 of May, 2016.

This United Nations initiative, spearheaded by Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, is to connect public and private sector and unite the world. With Global Donation Service we are supporting NGO’s in their efforts to offer relief in these days of global humanitarian crisis.“ GDS is now in a pilot phase with clients and partners.

Making a difference

Marcel Dijkstra (Managing Director) at MCXess: “Call handling globally is part of our core business and we provide these services to many businesses. But being able to contribute to an organization with an ideology and passion as GDS is showing is a definite plus. We are looking forward to making a difference in the world together with GDS.”

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